Exergy 909

XRG 909, pronouced 'Exergy 909' represents Los Angeles Based DJ Ajay Hari. He specializes in Electronic Dance Music, also known as EDM. Previously playing for local pubs and bars, he has taken his brand to the next level by his SoundCloud page, which is growing in popularity.

This branding had to not only represent the Music and rhythm, but also the digital nature of the music. The colour palette was very important, as the logo had to have the ability to break down into a solid colour in order to fit on the bright dynamic posters very common in the Music Industry.

The logo I designed includes a simple music frequency forming an X, followed by text in a font that is cognizant of the digital environment. The main logo includes cool blue, which adds texture, but is also in tune with the cool bright lights which appear in events in which he DJ's. 

The research I conducted prior to brainstorming appropriate designs included analyzing several local and large DJ's in the Los Angeles Area. I also researched the entertainment industry in order to understand the environment in which this logo would be used. I learnt that in a place like Los Angeles, EDM is considered mainstream. Rather than targeting a specific age group, I was targeting an overall culture, which I was able to emulate through this logo.

The illustration on the right is an exact replica of his own DJ equipment, in the theme of his logo.

6 Sanskriti Branding 3.jpg