Sri Sanskriti Dance Academy

Sri Sanskriti Dance Academy is a large Bharatanatyam Dance School in Mississauga. Sri Sanskriti has over 100 students, and a highly trained and experienced teacher. They have performed at large multicultural events across the GTA including the Mayors jubilee, Canada Day Celebrations at Queens Park, and several events at Yonge and  Dundas square.

The premise of Sri Sanskriti Dance Academy is rooted in deep tradition. The dance style and structure haven't deviated much from the original format in India. However, in todays multicultural world and modernism, we needed something that transcended both worlds.

The original logo was simply a Nataraja (the dancing figure) paired with the font Papyrus. We decided to modify the Nataraja to include clean bold lines to have the ability to break it down into one colour. We also added a completely custom typeface and paired that with a clean geometric font.

This card should capture a variety of audiences, from the very traditional elderly families new from India to the young modern families with young kids who are looking for a way to connect to their roots. By keeping the very solid Nataraja form with abstract elements, and using the traditional maroon, we were able to reach all possible markets.

6 Sanskriti Branding 3.jpg