Gratitude Project

The Gratitude Project” is an FDA to promote gratitude in day to day life. The target market for this kick-off campaign is the '9-5' commuter population in Toronto. 

This campaign will run in two fold. First the poster campaign will slowly spread awareness. This campaign will point out things in peoples day-to-day lives, reminding them to be grateful

Simultaneously, a #takeamoment campaign will run on twitter, where we will urge people to take a moment and write one thing that made them grateful. This twitter feed will also link to scientific facts, articles and examples of people who have found gratitude. 

The book “Happier” by Tal Ben-Shahar, a positive psychologist at Harvard University, stresses the importance of gratitude in overall prosperity. This concept has also been explored by Iyanla Vanzant, Tony Robbins, Bishop T.D, and Deepak Chopra in Oprah Winfrey’s “Mastering the Art of Gratitude”, a motivational show that came to Toronto. Additionally, the direct correlation of finding gratitude to happiness has also been expanded upon in several Ted Talks, specifically by Shawn Achor and Daniel Amen, who looks at the power of gratitude from the perspective of Brain Health. 

This target market was chosen, as the 9-5 commuter population is often running the rat race, and losing sense of their purpose.