Painted Chettiar Dolls by Srinithi Raghavan

I had such an amazing time transforming these wooden shapes from Michaels into a traditional South Indian Chettiar doll set, which we often dsiplay over Navrathri. I used e6000 glue to secure the large and small balls, and to secure the lentils and beans to the "pots". The dolls are less than 10 CM high, with the pots standing at just about 2cm.

Donations, Framed Art and Metaphors by Srinithi Raghavan


This past weekend I created two pieces of art for a Charity Auction in the office. The float frame I got for the elephant was totally worth it and it really brought out the art. 

The bell was my second dabble in what I had earlier called "Lace overlay". The sound of the bell in a temple or church creates a beautiful deep intricate sound that fills the air around it, which is what I was trying to depict with this painting.

Happy Navrathri! by Srinithi Raghavan

This year I am missing all 10 days of Navrathri as I am away on a  work trip! Here is my little way of celebrating. I wish all of you a very happy Navrathri! :)

Positano Painting by Srinithi Raghavan

My husband moved into our condo with just two suitcases and the gigantic Superman Painting he commissioned from me. For over a year, the 30x40" Superman Painting found it's home over our bed. I finally got a chance to paint something to replace it! We went to Positano on our honeymoon and it was stunning. This was really a challenging painting, but it felt so good to see it come to life. 

We hung this painting in our Living Room, moved our Toronto Skyline Painting over our bed, and I said good bye to Superman! I could not be happier!


Ping Pong Ball Christmas Lights by Srinithi Raghavan

Last Christmas, we hung some old Christmas lights over our balcony doors and over our bed. We liked the warm glow so much we never ended up removing them! I got 144 ping pong balls from Amazon, and their flimsy frame was PERFECT for this project. I easily sliced a small 'X' onto each ping pong ball, attached it to the light, and it went from an Amateur light setup to a Professional one in minutes! Check out the transformation!

RAW Signature Event Recap by Srinithi Raghavan

On March 17, 2016 I participated in my first Art Showcase for over 700 people at Maison Mercer in Toronto. RAW Artists is an amazing organization that is committed to showcasing emerging artists in cities across the world! The venue, organization, crowd, and experience were phenomenal. It was very special to have the support of my husband, sister, parents, and close friends.

In addition to the sheer size and exposure of this event, we were also given the opportunity to take professional artist head shots. It was at this event that I revealed my latest painting, the Hiding Buddha. I truly believe that this event will be the first of more, and I thank you all for joining me on my journey! I have attached a few personal and professional photos of the event below;