Trendy Tray Using Chalk Paint / by Srinithi Raghavan

I had this old wooden lid that was sitting in my closet. I decided to use Folk Art Chalk paint to spruce it up and use it as a tray. You can see the full video HERE!

  1. I lightly dusted the tray and used Painters Tape to mark off the bottom. I didn't want to paint the bottom, because I liked the original wood grain.
  2. I painted the entire lid with a layer of Matte Folk Art Chalk Paint in Sheepskin
  3. After drying for two hours I painted another coat
  4. After drying for another two hours I sanded down the entire thing to get a warm rustic effect. I then applied a coat of Folk Art Wax.
  5. While the wax was drying I used scissors to cut some great Scrap Book paper to fit on the bottom of the tray.
  6. After drying for 8 hours (or overnight) I used a lint free cloth to buff the entire lid to a shine.
  7. I placed the paper inside, and it was ready to display!