The Next Chapter / by Srinithi Raghavan

Art was always my go-to hobby. Whenever I was bored as a child, whenever I was stressed as a student, and whenever I had time as an adult, you could always find me perched over a table with a paper and a pencil. A little over 5 years ago, I started a blog called "Sri's Arts - Spreading the Creativity" ( to help me organize and share my work.

I started my first full time job in 2011, and between singing & dance, I enrolled in a Graphic Design certification at George Brown, and learnt painting techniques from a local artist. It was during my Graphic Design Certification that I really put thought into my branding, and in 2014, this website was born.

Painting and drawing were two things that I felt an immediate connection to, and in 2013 I was officially hired as a Paint Nite instructor. I have been commisioning custom oil paintings ever since! 

In my Next Chapter, I hope to expand the scope of my original mission to spread creativity. I hope to continue painting, and I also hope to post DIY videos that you can also participate in! I will officially be moving my blog to this website. Thank you all for joining me on my journey :)